Rosport- Episode -27 September 2019


  • Interview with Castlerea St Kevin’s player Chris Dineen tells us about his experience with the underdogs
  • Interview with Ollie Colgan we get his thoughts on the  Roscommon LGFA Ladies senior, intermediate and junior county finals and look towards the senior replay.  As well as discussing the Roscommon men’s Senior football championship and the semi final
  • Local GAA Update (Results and Fixtures)
  • Local soccer update
  • All the local sports news from around county Roscommon

Sportsview with aidan raftery

My Qualifications

Sports Injuries - My Qualifications INTRODUCTION The story of my journey to Qualify as a Sports Therapist, as well as my journey as a Sports Therapist, is, from my point of view a very long and interesting one. The...

Plantar Heel Pain (PHP)

Plantar Heel Pain - PLANTAAR FASCITIIS - More Common Than You Would Expect Plantar Heel Pain or Plantaar Fascitis is a more common injury in sport than people think. It can be caused by the different surfaces that...

Shoulder- Serratus Anterior Pain

Shoulder Pain- SERRATUS ANTERIOR PAIN Because the serratus anterior is largely hidden from view underneath the shoulder blade, it is remarkably easy for both patients and clinicians to forget about this vital muscle....
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