Aidan Rafferty on Let’s Talk Business ROS FM

I was delighted to be featured on “Lets Talk Business” with Martin Flaherty on the 15th October last on ROS FM 94.6.

This is a programme that features discussions with business owners in Roscommon and surrounding areas.

The radio  show also featured Neil Connaughton of Connaughton Fuels.

In the show I explain :

  • How I got into Sports Therapy
  • I discuss common injuries that occur in sport
  • How I can help players and athletes
  • Gym injuries-knee injuries
  • I talk about the treatments that I offer
  • Insurance cover how it works for my treatments

GAA trends in modern sport and more

You can listen to the show by clicking the images below:

Incidentally here are 2 links to my Web Designer and an Irish First Aid supply company:

Digital Content Manager:

First Aid Supplies

Visit my Blog which I am adding to all the time, it includes a mix of my radio shows and tips and News about sport injury. It should be of interest to any athlete or sports player.

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Aidan Rafferty on Lets Talk Business ROS FM
Aidan Rafferty on Lets Talk Business ROS FM
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