Christmas Greetings from AR Sports Therapy Clinic

Hello  to all my clients and the clients I work and worked for, players, suppliers, and individual clients.

I wish you all a happy merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.


to all my clients and the clients I work and worked for, players suppliers

I would like to give a special thanks to my suppliers:

  • Hynes Pharmacy- for their help and support
  • Your Online Virtual Assistant – Rosemary O Shaughnessy for all of her help on my website and online marketing advice
  • Shop First Aid Products – for their support over the year

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Hynes Pharmacy

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Recently dealing with a players Hip Flexor Injury

Well, it is great to be back, once again with Manor United 1s team as their 1st team Sports Therapist. We were at home to Skyvalley Rovers B in Strokestown. We went behind 0v1 early in the game but the lads kept the head, didn't panic and created chance after chance....

Shoulder- Serratus Anterior Pain

Shoulder Pain- SERRATUS ANTERIOR PAIN Because the serratus anterior is largely hidden from view underneath the shoulder blade, it is remarkably easy for both patients and clinicians to forget about this vital muscle. It originates from the underside of the shoulder...

Kinesiology Taping for Athletes and Players in Ireland

KINESIOLOGY TAPING FOR ATHLETES & PLAYERS IN IRELAND This week's blog post is about Kinesiology Taping which is one of the services I provide to my patients/clients. I will be doing blogs in the coming weeks on each of the other services I provide at AR Sports...

Plantar Heel Pain (PHP)

Plantar Heel Pain - PLANTAAR FASCITIIS - More Common Than You Would Expect Plantar Heel Pain or Plantaar Fascitis is a more common injury in sport than people think. It can be caused by the different surfaces that players and athletes train or play on like indoor or...

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