Supporting Men’s Health in Ireland through Movember

Movember is an online platform supporting mens health.

The reason I am supporting “Movember” is because I have had friends who had testicular cancer – some survived as it was diagnosed on time and others were’nt  as lucky.

In Ireland, testicular cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in young men.

 Regarding cancer in general, I have had family members and friends who passed away from cancer including my mom. It is an area I feel awareness needs to be raised about cancer, in general, and Movember raises awareness of  testicular cancer.

We need to be aware of the things to  watch out for so if they appear we can go to our GP or local hospital for tests as early as possible so it can be diagnosed quicker.

Early treatment gives the treatment a better chance of working.

Let’s all work together to raise awareness – I recorded a short video that you can watch by clicking the image below.

Supporting Mens Health in Ireland

I am also getting behind mental health as I played Gaelic football and hurling and as a sports therapist, through working with teams and players and athletes individually and with clubs,I see first hand the demands that are placed on players nowadays.

Things like being dropped or getting injured to name just 2 factors  that can affect a player or athletes mental health, so I want to to my bit by helping to raise awareness of testicular cancer and mental health but for it to be a success we need to all do our bit to raise awareness.

Supporting Mens Health in Ireland – With Movember

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