What the GPA is all about?

What the GPA is all about?

Learn about what the GPA is all about?

I recently did a podcast from which you can learn about what the GPA does in real life.


The Gaelic players association or the GPA as it is commonly known as, has been around for a while since 1999 and whilst we have all heard of it lots of people actually do not realise what the GPA is actually doing and the great work that it does out there in real life for players.

Our GAA sports players are non-professional but give so much to our local communities and indeed the country and its identity on a national level so the GPA should be promoted because its purpose is the wellbeing and welfare of our GAA players.


I recently had the privilege of conducting an interview with former Laois county footballer Colm Begley which you can listen to below.

The interview gives plenty of information about:

  • what the ethos of the GPA is
  • what it does,
  • its history
  • and a lot more besides

What the GPA is all about – more to learn from the interview?


I believe that many of you may find this interview of interest because Colm Begley was an inter-county player as well as being involved with the GPA itself and this allowed the interview to delve into other interesting topics such as:


  • Whether players and managers should have a greater say in-game rule changes
  • We discuss GPA scholarships which many may not have heard about including the fact that the GPA has 23 partnerships with colleges around Ireland
  • We discuss the mental health of players and the help that is available
  • Reconstruction of the championship discussion as well as the question of players’ retirement and lots more

In closing the GPA has a website that you can visit through the link in the button:


 Finally To remind you I offer various services to both GAA players and clubs- Treatments

Irish Tennis Coach Helping Refugees?

Irish Tennis Coach Helping Refugees?

Irish Tennis Coach Helping Refugees

I recently spoke to Wesley O Brien who is an Irish Tennis Coach Helping Refugees on ROS FM.


Wesley uses his HIT and HOPE Tennis Programs – to bring Tennis to Kids affected by War and Conflict in Refugee Camps.


He created a Facebook page to raise funds from donated signed sports memorabilia to support the HIT and HOPE Tennis Program.


There is a link to my podcast on the image below



The concept talked about here resonated with me because if any country should feel genuine sympathy for the plight of refugees-  it should be us here in Ireland.


We talk with pride about “the Irish diaspora” which came about because millions of our forebears had to escape starvation, oppression and poverty.


Instead of the blame and hate politics that have emerged in the world, we now inhabit maybe we need to reflect upon being better people by being”just human” and remembering our own history and just doing our little bit to help out.


Maybe you could help out this worthy initiative by sharing this post and do your little bit to support Waynes endeavours- by raising awareness of the initiative.


Wesley has got donations from some of the Worlds Greatest Sporting Stars including signed items from:


  • Rafael Nadal (famous professional tennis player),
  • Usain Bolt (former renowned athlete),
  • Rory Mcilroy (professional golfer),
  • Franz Beckenbaur (World Cup soccer player),
  • Bernard Dunne (World Champion boxer),
  • and the Munster/Ulster Rugby teams.

I Support this cause and you the reader should too.

Irish Tennis Coach Helps Refugees

Check out an interview Wesley

gave to OTB Sports!


086 050 4037



Congratulations to Buccaneers R.F.C u14’s

Congratulations to Buccaneers R.F.C u14’s

Hats Off To Buccaneers R.F.C u14’s

Congratulations are in order for the Buccaneers RFC u14s who won the Connacht U14 League A Final on the 11th December 2021 where they beat Sligo RFC. A tremendous achievement for this group of players and staff and indeed the club itself. I am delighted and proud to say that I was the sports therapist for the team so I take some personal pride in what the team has achieved.   Buccaneers R.F.C

Learn More About the Final at the links below:

YouTube:  https://youtu.be/Nck6-zrJdXE Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/257981688464255/posts/937694590492958/

Learn More About the Buccaneers R.F.C club at the link below:

Website: https://buccaneersrfc.com/about-us/    Personally delighted to get a mention above!
Futsal in Estonia 2021

Futsal in Estonia 2021

Futsal Estonia 2021

Looking forward to the world of Futsal again this month in Estonia.

The Sparta Belfast Futsal Club have appointed me as sports physio for their team who will be competing in the UEFA Futsal tournament later this month in Estonia from the 21st to the 25th August 2021

Sparta Belfast has qualified for the Futsal UEFA Champions League preliminary round in this tournament being held in Estonia.

I am delighted to be able to bring to the table the experience I have from my involvement in a similar role I filled in Kiev in 2019 for the Irish Diabetic Futsal Team.

Many of you may have limited knowledge about Futsal but to  generalise  it is a high-intensity indoor football sport that is recognised for being great for ball control and skills and is exciting to watch because it is an attacking form of football that is non stop end-to-end stuff.

 I recently did a podcast with Rosemary O Shaughnessy a digital content manager where I explain what I do!

It’s a great achievement for a club like Sparta Belfast to have qualified for a tournament like this, I am thrilled to be part of it all and ask you to support the Sparta club on Facebook.




We Can All Support a Charity in Ireland

We Can All Support a Charity in Ireland

Exercise and how to  get fit to support Irish Charities. I have always held the view that worthy charities should be supported as widely as possible.  I have posted both here on my site and extensively on social media about charities I believe in. Yes, I have my pet charities but many charities deserve our support in Ireland.

I have been delighted during COVID times to promote charities where you can not only support the charity but get fit as well because that’s a win-win for the charity and indeed us as individuals.

Here are some photos arising out of my recent endeavours!


Children with Autism

Charlie Curran – Memorial Run

In aid of “Downs Syndrome” and “Irish Cancer Society”

If I can do it you can too, and if you need to learn more about these charities contact me through my social channels.