My Nomination at Roscommon Volunteer Awards 2023

My Nomination at Roscommon Volunteer Awards 2023

My Nomination for the Spirited Volunteer award at 2023 Roscommon Volunteer Awards

Unfortunately, I didn’t win the Spirited Volunteer award that I was nominated for at the 2023 Roscommon Volunteer Awards.

I was delighted to receive a certificate of appreciation in recognition of my nomination. Well done to Geraldine, who was the winner of the award. I congratulated her on her award.

It is an honour to be nominated, but if it wasn’t for the people in my life who have helped, supported and encouraged and guided me contributed to my nomination, these people I dedicate the certificate to:

2023 Roscommon Volunteer Awards

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the following

– My mother, Lord have mercy on her, she passed away in 2009 as well as my dad and my brother. They were the type that would always help anyone if they could. That is the legacy Mom left us. They have always encouraged me, supported me and advised me in anything I wanted to do. Dad and my brother continue to support me in anything I do. And always there to talk to.

– Relatives and friends who have always been there. For me, I am very lucky to have great relatives and friends.

– Fellow volunteers and management at Rosfm Community Radio and Seamus Duke for nominating me. They have helped me and advised me. To better at presenting Friday Sport and GAA View. Thanks to my wingman and co-presenter on Friday sport. He started off doing work experience on Friday sport and stayed on after his work experience finished. And all the contributors to the show. Rosfm Community Radio was also nominated for an award in another category.

2023 Roscommon Volunteer Awards– Everyone at Roscommon Civil Defence, who have trained me in Manual Handling, First Aid, Search and Rescue and other skills. I love volunteering with them.

– Players and coaches I worked with over the years as physio including players and coaches with the Ireland 6 aside football squad, the Ireland Diabetic Futsal Squad and futsal squad as well as Sparta Belfast Futsal Squad they qualified for the UEFA Futsal Champions League Preliminary Round in Estonia, the Roscommon and District League County Soccer squad and my current club Ballinagare Fc Manor Utd FC 1st team and reserves all as physio.

I want to thank Roscommon Volunteer Centre, Roscommon County Council and Roscommon Herald for organising the award night.

Well done to the Award winners on the night as well as fellow nominees.

My Community, growing up and up to now have given me alot more than I have given it growing up and now. So since 2013 I started my volunteering journey and I love giving back to the people in the community who gave given me so much. I also want to include fellow volunteers who have passed away, but we’re vital volunteers.

Thank you all very much. Aidan Raftery

PS: Below, listen to the Podcast about the awards.


Award from Ballinagare Manor Utd FC

Award from Ballinagare Manor Utd FC

Award From Ballinagare Manor Utd FC- 2023

A new year in 2023 got off well for me as I received an Award From Ballinagare Manor Utd FC on the 2nd of January during a fundraiser and presentation night.

As a part of the backend staff, being the 1st team Sports Therapist for Ballinagare Manor Utd, it is always special to receive the recognition that all of us in the background have our important roles to play in sports in Ireland, so I am writing this short blog post to say a big thank you to all at Ballina Manor FC for this recognition – it is much appreciated and makes it all so worthwhile playing my little role.


Ballinagare Manor Utd FC



Ballinagare Manor Utd FC



A big thanks to all of you…..


You Can Run a marathon too

You Can Run a marathon too

You Can Run a marathon too – A Podcast

You Can Run a marathon too if you put your mind to it.

We have all heard words to the effect of “you can do anything if you put your mind to it”,  and in this podcast, I speak to a local Roscommon man Tom who has now completed 3 marathons, the most recent being the 2022 Dublin City marathon and our paths crossed when I treated Tom for some not uncommon injuries picked up by him along the way.

The podcast should be of interest to lots of you out there to reinforce self-belief. 

Tom’s motivation was to get fit and lose weight, he tells us about his aha moment and indeed as he explains how losing 4 stone pretty quickly aided motivation.

He discusses how training cleared his mind and removed stress.

In this podcast, a regular guy just like you and me discusses his journey and may help you to follow his path.

Listen to This Podcast -You Can Run a marathon too

part 1

Aidan and Tom discuss his journey from taking up running to taking part in 3 Dublin City Marathons. Tom Ward tells Aidan how are the most difficult stage of the 2022 Dublin City Marathon, the last 5km which is where he saw the Join Our Boys team and he looked up to heaven and thought of Archie. He said that inspired him and gave him the strength the complete the marathon. This podcast is dedicated to the memory of Archie Naughton from Join Our Boy

Listen to this podcast -part 2

Me and Tom

A picture of Tom proudly displaying his medal.

You Can Run a marathon too- common injuries

You might also find my posts about common sports injuries to be of interest! 

Common Sports Injuries

Shoulder Sprain Injury

SHOULDER SPRAIN INJURY This weeks injury that I am covering is a shoulder sprain injury and a case study involving Gerry a good friend of mine. A shoulder sprain usually occurs as a result of a bad or awkward fall or a hard shoulder to shoulder. A shoulder sprain...

Shoulder Sprain Injury

What the GPA is all about?

What the GPA is all about?

Learn about what the GPA is all about?

I recently did a podcast from which you can learn about what the GPA does in real life.


The Gaelic players association or the GPA as it is commonly known as, has been around for a while since 1999 and whilst we have all heard of it lots of people actually do not realise what the GPA is actually doing and the great work that it does out there in real life for players.

Our GAA sports players are non-professional but give so much to our local communities and indeed the country and its identity on a national level so the GPA should be promoted because its purpose is the wellbeing and welfare of our GAA players.


I recently had the privilege of conducting an interview with former Laois county footballer Colm Begley which you can listen to below.

The interview gives plenty of information about:

  • what the ethos of the GPA is
  • what it does,
  • its history
  • and a lot more besides

What the GPA is all about – more to learn from the interview?


I believe that many of you may find this interview of interest because Colm Begley was an inter-county player as well as being involved with the GPA itself and this allowed the interview to delve into other interesting topics such as:


  • Whether players and managers should have a greater say in-game rule changes
  • We discuss GPA scholarships which many may not have heard about including the fact that the GPA has 23 partnerships with colleges around Ireland
  • We discuss the mental health of players and the help that is available
  • Reconstruction of the championship discussion as well as the question of players’ retirement and lots more

In closing the GPA has a website that you can visit through the link in the button:


 Finally To remind you I offer various services to both GAA players and clubs- Treatments

Irish Tennis Coach Helping Refugees?

Irish Tennis Coach Helping Refugees?

Irish Tennis Coach Helping Refugees

I recently spoke to Wesley O Brien who is an Irish Tennis Coach Helping Refugees on ROS FM.


Wesley uses his HIT and HOPE Tennis Programs – to bring Tennis to Kids affected by War and Conflict in Refugee Camps.


He created a Facebook page to raise funds from donated signed sports memorabilia to support the HIT and HOPE Tennis Program.


There is a link to my podcast on the image below



The concept talked about here resonated with me because if any country should feel genuine sympathy for the plight of refugees-  it should be us here in Ireland.


We talk with pride about “the Irish diaspora” which came about because millions of our forebears had to escape starvation, oppression and poverty.


Instead of the blame and hate politics that have emerged in the world, we now inhabit maybe we need to reflect upon being better people by being”just human” and remembering our own history and just doing our little bit to help out.


Maybe you could help out this worthy initiative by sharing this post and do your little bit to support Waynes endeavours- by raising awareness of the initiative.


Wesley has got donations from some of the Worlds Greatest Sporting Stars including signed items from:


  • Rafael Nadal (famous professional tennis player),
  • Usain Bolt (former renowned athlete),
  • Rory Mcilroy (professional golfer),
  • Franz Beckenbaur (World Cup soccer player),
  • Bernard Dunne (World Champion boxer),
  • and the Munster/Ulster Rugby teams.

I Support this cause and you the reader should too.

Irish Tennis Coach Helps Refugees

Check out an interview Wesley

gave to OTB Sports!


086 050 4037