Get Fit in 2021 & Support a Great Irish Charity

Get Fit in 2021 & Support a Great Irish Charity

Get Fit in 2021 & Support a Great Irish Charity

Hi everyone,  2021 is upon us and in these different times and why not Get Fit in 2021 & Support a Great Irish Charity at the same time.

As we know, we as a nation and of course families worldwide have had a tough time with covid in 2020 and now in 2021.

Families have lost loved ones to covid and other conditions. Let’s remember those who passed away in 2020 and let’s honour those people by donating to this great cause and or taking part in this fundraiser.

With all that is going on, I wanted to do something positive and make a small difference by helping this great cause

About the Inititiave

Could you run 100 miles in February to raise funds for patient care in the Mater Hospital?

It’s a tough challenge, but it’ll help critically ill people and will keep you healthy too!

By joining the Mater’s “100 Miles in a Month” Challenge, you’ll be raising funds for life-saving equipment and ground breaking medical research in the Mater, making an incredible difference to patient care.

Get Fit in 2021 & Support a Great Irish Charity

VISIT the official Mater Foundation Web Page HERE

Get Fit in 2021 & Support a Great Irish Charity

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COVID and sport in Ireland -Sports Therapists thoughts on

COVID and sport in Ireland -Sports Therapists thoughts on

COVID and sport in Ireland

COVID and sport in Ireland: covid hit our shores with a bang last March but after some time the new norm came, and bit by bit then the country restrictions were slowly being lifted.
Suddenly businesses started to reopen we were allowed to travel further, we could go to the gym again. Little things like being able to meet friends for a coffee, children going back to school sport got back on the agenda again.
People of all ages could go back to training again, albeit under certain guidelines. In a sporting sense, a lot of questions still had to be answered that supporters, committee, coaches were asking :
When will the Premier League be back?
– When will the Champions League and Europa League be back?
– When is the League of Ireland back on?
– When can Local leagues commence?
– When can ball work and full contact training come back?
– When will GAA matches at club and inter-county at all grades start back?
– When they do come back, what guidelines will be put in place to ensure the safety of all during matches and training?
– Can dressing rooms be used before and after games? If not why not?
– Is there any Grant’s or funding available to sports clubs at all levels across the country and if so what Grant’s are available, how go teams apply and how much?
– can supporters support their team on match day? If not how can supporters watch the games?
These questions were answered in time as the weeks and months that followed.
A new era began in the GAA at club level as due to the restrictions that applied to GAA activity, unfortunately, at first, supporters were not allowed into matches on match day so credit to the Roscommon GAA county board and other county board around the country, games at club level were streamed which enabled supporters from around the county, province, country and around the world were able to follow their clubs from anywhere in the world for very reasonable fees.
The county board and indeed the clubs themselves started streaming games.
I am a sports Therapist but I also present Rosportsview every Wednesday from 6 pm to 7 pm on Rosfm94.6 Community Radio.
I and Ray Lannon do a weekly Podcast called Roscommon GAA Memories then we started doing Matchday Commentary Podcasts at men’s Gaelic Football and Hurling at Junior Intermediate and Senior as well as Roscommon LGFA Club games at Junior Intermediate and Senior level.
All podcasts are available on you can tune into ROS FM on the radio on FM94.6 or on the website or on the TuneIn app.
Sport being back on at local level and national level lifted the spirits of this great nation it was great to see it.
Things started to pick up for me with patients starting to return for treatment to AR Sports Therapy Clinic and also the teams I was involved with the fixtures re-commenced and we got promoted.
As time went on…..we adapted to the new norm and we started to appreciate the little things in life which perhaps we didn’t before as we took them for granted. We could travel again and go on holidays and the new buzzword ‘Staycation’ came into play and we all felt that we should support our own economy and go to places in Ireland. Life was still not the same but a lot better than when we were in lockdown.
Shoulder Sprain Injury

Shoulder Sprain Injury


This weeks injury that I am covering is a shoulder sprain injury and a case study involving Gerry a good friend of mine.

A shoulder sprain usually occurs as a result of a bad or awkward fall or a hard shoulder to shoulder.

A shoulder sprain is common in Rugby, Gaelic Football and Hurling.

The result of the aforementioned is where the ligaments become overstretched or either partially or fully torn. Ligaments attach bone to bone and is a strong elastic tissue and are found at joint such as the shoulder and knees to name 2 joints.

I have been mates with Gerry since my days as 1st team Sports Therapist with Ballaghadereen FC and then with the Ireland Senior 6aside Football squad where Gerry was 2nd choice Goalkeeper seeing him represent Ireland I was delighted to see him achieve any players ultimate dream… represent their country. he went on to play for Roscommon & District League Premier Division side Castlerea Celtic. Before signing for Manor Utd 1st team this season. I am the 1st team Sports Therapist for the team. I was delighted to see him sign firman as it means the boys are back in town. He made is league debut for the. Club in our 1st Division 1 league game V Ballinasloe Town B. It was a great start to the season as we won the game. We will have great strikeforce as he is upfront with his brother Tom Ward who was our top goalscorer last season. Gerry is an excellent goalkeeper but he is also a great man for scoring goals.

However, in the course of the game, he suffered a shoulder sprain.



shoulder sprain injury


On Examining Gerry, asking questions and doing tests on the arm it was clear it was a shoulder Sprain but due to the impact to the shoulder in the fall I wanted to rule in or out further damage to the shoulder I sent him to A&E and they x-rayed the shoulder and that confirmed my Diagnosis as being a shoulder sprain.

I recommended to Gerry to rest the arm for 7 to 14 days, no heavy lifting, compression, take pain relief and not to put pressure on the shoulder for that initial rest period.

Due to Covid 19, all the clubs’ fixtures were suspended until further notice so this means that Gerry Did not have to worry about missing matches due to the injury so this means he can fully focus on recovery. When he had rested for the 7 to 14 days

I then prescribed an exercise plan for the shoulder depending on the extent of the damage to the shoulder, it can take anything up to 8 weeks to recover from a shoulder sprain but if there is more damage is done it could be longer.

The next injury up from that is a dislocated shoulder but that is another injury that will be covered in a future blog post.


Should you have any further question on a shoulder sprain or strain feel or if you have an injury you would like me to cover in an upcoming blog or in an upcoming AR Sports Therapy Update Podcast feel free to contact me by calling or texting or WhatsApp message on 0894304496, email, video call (let me know what app you use) or more information is available on the website

You can find the weekly Podcast AR Sports Therapy Update on your Podcast player just search AR SPORTS THERAPY UPDATE. If you can’t find it then contact me and I will send you the links for the podcasts.

Thank you for reading this blog post. I hope you have found it to be informative and of benefit.

Why not share this blog post.

As we face into a 2nd lockdown, I want to wish you and your family and friends and colleagues all the best and I hope you keep safe and as a nation we come through this period.

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Irish Tennis Coach Helping Refugees

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Club Fair Partnership

Club Fair Partnership


Promoting Sports Equality: This is a short post to announce that Aidan Raftery, Sports Therapist with AR Sports Therapy Clinic is pleased to be in partnership with Club Fair.

We both believe in advocating for fair and equal rights and opportunities across all sports for all participants and will promote each other online in this context.
You will find more about club fair on their website
Sports Injuries Sometimes Need Scans?

Sports Injuries Sometimes Need Scans?

Sports Injuries Sometimes Need Scans?

Sports Injuries Sometimes Need Scans because some injuries that actually need expert intervention are not always obvious.

Obviously, as a sports therapist when I am present at match days and practice sessions occasionally an injury will occur that is more serious than the normal ones.

A broken leg for example and the need for someone on the spot- who knows the ropes becomes mighty important.

Over the years I have referred a number of patients to Alliance Medical for Scans.

Because I know that from the results of scans, they will indicate if the client/sportsperson needs to be seen by a consultant or surgeon or not.

When a client comes to me my concern always is to give my best to the client and when necessary use other specialist areas of medicine for the clients benefit to ensure they get the best possible treatment to ensure recovery.

Sports Injuries Sometimes Need Scans? 2 cases of mine by way of example

When thinking now about when seeking scans becomes important I think of 2 cases:

As mentioned above, 1 is a goalkeeper that had a knee problem a few years ago while playing matches and afterwards it would be painful and after a few days, with rest, the pain would go away but it got to the stage where the patient’s knee would be painful after most games but he never got it checked out as he would rest it and the pain would go away. Eventually, the pain went away for a while then I got involved as team sports Therapist with another team he was involved in and he didn’t mention anything about the knee until a few months before we were travelling for a tournament and he came to me during a training session and he told me the full story regarding the knee and the history of it. I referred him for a scan in a Dublin branch of alliance medical. I got him to fill out my patient history form and I sent it into Alliance medical. From that, they contacted him and arranged an appointment within 24 hours he was seen. From the scan, it showed he had Pateĺla Displacia in the right knee. They said the would refer him to a surgical consultant. He was delighted that he was able to find out what the problem was. He got his disc with the scan on it and he was sorted.

The second case. a recent case-patient with a back injury the patient said that there was a pain on the left side of his back from the bottom to the top of his back and across the lumbar of his back. However, ongoing back to past injuries he said he has been having ongoing issues with his for a few years. With this in mind and with the potential for injury to his back having damage I referred him for a scan to get to the bottom of the problem. When its done then we can review his situation and take it from there.


As part of my service, I can refer patients for scans and x-rays with Alliance Medical within 24 to 48 hours. The patient will get a disc and myself and the GP get a written report.

ALLIANCE MEDICAL does not accept the medical card but if the patient has health insurance or player insurance or can pay in cash then they are a huge help.