We Can All Support a Charity in Ireland

We Can All Support a Charity in Ireland

Exercise and how to  get fit to support Irish Charities. I have always held the view that worthy charities should be supported as widely as possible.  I have posted both here on my site and extensively on social media about charities I believe in. Yes, I have my pet charities but many charities deserve our support in Ireland.

I have been delighted during COVID times to promote charities where you can not only support the charity but get fit as well because that’s a win-win for the charity and indeed us as individuals.

Here are some photos arising out of my recent endeavours!


Children with Autism

Charlie Curran – Memorial Run

In aid of “Downs Syndrome” and “Irish Cancer Society”

If I can do it you can too, and if you need to learn more about these charities contact me through my social channels.

Get Fit in 2021 & Support a Great Irish Charity

Get Fit in 2021 & Support a Great Irish Charity

Get Fit in 2021 & Support a Great Irish Charity

Hi everyone,  2021 is upon us and in these different times and why not Get Fit in 2021 & Support a Great Irish Charity at the same time.

As we know, we as a nation and of course families worldwide have had a tough time with covid in 2020 and now in 2021.

Families have lost loved ones to covid and other conditions. Let’s remember those who passed away in 2020 and let’s honour those people by donating to this great cause and or taking part in this fundraiser.

With all that is going on, I wanted to do something positive and make a small difference by helping this great cause

About the Inititiave

Could you run 100 miles in February to raise funds for patient care in the Mater Hospital?

It’s a tough challenge, but it’ll help critically ill people and will keep you healthy too!

By joining the Mater’s “100 Miles in a Month” Challenge, you’ll be raising funds for life-saving equipment and ground breaking medical research in the Mater, making an incredible difference to patient care.

Get Fit in 2021 & Support a Great Irish Charity

VISIT the official Mater Foundation Web Page HERE

Get Fit in 2021 & Support a Great Irish Charity

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COVID and sport in Ireland -Sports Therapists thoughts on

COVID and sport in Ireland -Sports Therapists thoughts on

COVID and sport in Ireland

COVID and sport in Ireland: covid hit our shores with a bang last March but after some time the new norm came, and bit by bit then the country restrictions were slowly being lifted.
Suddenly businesses started to reopen we were allowed to travel further, we could go to the gym again. Little things like being able to meet friends for a coffee, children going back to school sport got back on the agenda again.
People of all ages could go back to training again, albeit under certain guidelines. In a sporting sense, a lot of questions still had to be answered that supporters, committee, coaches were asking :
When will the Premier League be back?
– When will the Champions League and Europa League be back?
– When is the League of Ireland back on?
– When can Local leagues commence?
– When can ball work and full contact training come back?
– When will GAA matches at club and inter-county at all grades start back?
– When they do come back, what guidelines will be put in place to ensure the safety of all during matches and training?
– Can dressing rooms be used before and after games? If not why not?
– Is there any Grant’s or funding available to sports clubs at all levels across the country and if so what Grant’s are available, how go teams apply and how much?
– can supporters support their team on match day? If not how can supporters watch the games?
These questions were answered in time as the weeks and months that followed.
A new era began in the GAA at club level as due to the restrictions that applied to GAA activity, unfortunately, at first, supporters were not allowed into matches on match day so credit to the Roscommon GAA county board and other county board around the country, games at club level were streamed which enabled supporters from around the county, province, country and around the world were able to follow their clubs from anywhere in the world for very reasonable fees.
The county board and indeed the clubs themselves started streaming games.
I am a sports Therapist but I also present Rosportsview every Wednesday from 6 pm to 7 pm on Rosfm94.6 Community Radio.
I and Ray Lannon do a weekly Podcast called Roscommon GAA Memories then we started doing Matchday Commentary Podcasts at men’s Gaelic Football and Hurling at Junior Intermediate and Senior as well as Roscommon LGFA Club games at Junior Intermediate and Senior level.
All podcasts are available on www.rosfm.ie you can tune into ROS FM on the radio on FM94.6 or on the website www.rosfm.ie/live or on the TuneIn app.
Sport being back on at local level and national level lifted the spirits of this great nation it was great to see it.
Things started to pick up for me with patients starting to return for treatment to AR Sports Therapy Clinic and also the teams I was involved with the fixtures re-commenced and we got promoted.
As time went on…..we adapted to the new norm and we started to appreciate the little things in life which perhaps we didn’t before as we took them for granted. We could travel again and go on holidays and the new buzzword ‘Staycation’ came into play and we all felt that we should support our own economy and go to places in Ireland. Life was still not the same but a lot better than when we were in lockdown.
Club Fair Partnership

Club Fair Partnership


Promoting Sports Equality: This is a short post to announce that Aidan Raftery, Sports Therapist with AR Sports Therapy Clinic is pleased to be in partnership with Club Fair.

We both believe in advocating for fair and equal rights and opportunities across all sports for all participants and will promote each other online in this context.
You will find more about club fair on their website https://www.clubfair.com.au
GAA After COVID19?

GAA After COVID19?

GAA after COVID19:

As the GAA, players, coaches, supporters county boards, selectors, backroom staff, and all other stakeholders involved in county and club teams prepare to go back after Covid19, at the inter-county level the provincial Leagues like Connacht FBD League, O’Byrne Cup, Walsh Cup etc and the National Football and Hurling Leagues were well underway and approaching the knockout stages and all that goes with it. However, along came Covid19 a few days Before St Patrick’s Day. In the past, the 2 best clubs in Ireland in Football and Hurling usually face each other in Croke Park but due to a change, they were held earlier with Kilkennys BallyHale Shamrocks winning the All Ireland Club Hurling title and Galway’s Corofin retaining the Football title. This season instead of on St. Patrick Day, the showpiece was to be the All Ireland U21 Football and Hurling finals. However, this year it wasn’t to be. Due to covid19 a Lockdown was introduced which meant all sports shut down. No group training, no matches at club or county level. At club level, clubs would have been due to start pre season in preparation for the league  which is key preparation for the championship. This as you can imagine was a huge set back to all teams at club ant county level.

Useful GAA Link: COVID Update


Despite this, players and coaches did not just sit back and do nothing, the managers and coaches gave players training programmes that players could do at home weights sprints etc all designed to keep themselves ticking over throughout Covid19. Players got creative making up drills and posting videos of the drills on social media for did to keep them active.

Covid19 has been tough on everyone, players, managers, fans, people who love sport and people who don’t like sport. People who miss going to games and people who love watching sport on TV, it affected people psychologically people had sport and took for granted there was always going to be on TV or able to go to games fans had that taken away. What do they do? However, it has to be said that kids were badly affected off school, doing schoolwork at home, not being able to meet friends and relatives not being able to meet and hug grandparents and it also affected them too. Kids, as well as coaches and senior players, were great and very creative by coming up with drills and challenges which from looking at the videos kids and coaches enjoyed. Non more so than my home club Roscommon Gaels GAA Club where Senior players in hurling and football in the Roscommon Gaels GAA Club and other clubs around the county and country did the same and a lot of videos were saved and shared by coaches and kids alike. It was great to see positivity in the face of adversity. It just goes to show, in Ireland we are great at turning a negative situation and creating positive.


As a sports fan, with Covid19 effecting provincial championships in hurling and football, Roscommon was due to play London in their first game in the Connacht Football Championship but that didn’t go ahead. Players, managers, coaches, fans, county boards, sports enthusiasts were disappointed however time went by and then, the light at the end of the tunnel with the announcement of the GAAs Roadmap to get back playing.dates announced for hurling and football championships and dates returning to training, non-contact training in June and then stepping up to full contact training in July and then the club championships at the end of July. During the lockdown,  as a further positive for Roscommon GAA fans, myself and my mate, former Roscommon Goalkeeper Ray Lannon came up with an idea where we would do a weekly Podcast called Roscommon GAA Memories where myself and Ray look back at a Roscommon match from the past. I also do an interview and music-packed Podcast show called Sportsview Extra.  Both podcasts are available on the Rosfm website www.rosfm.ie.

GAA after covid19


as I mentioned it has been a tough couple of months for everyone adults and kids and it was great that there are games for the adults but Gaelic Football and Hurling for the kids and teenagers is essential as they are the future of the GAA. And to this end, the GAA  announced that the GAA Cùl Camps WILL be going ahead as usual throughout the country. So this means something for everyone at all levels in GAA.



It is great to have Gaelic Football and Hurling back but there are conditions as part of the roadmap to returning to play.

– Social Distancing of 2 metres still applies

– Use of dressing rooms are not allowed?

– Training at the initial stages means non-contact. No tackling allowed

– Training sessions are short

– Maximum of 15 players in any one training session at a time.

– All clubs are required to adhere to Covid19 Hygiene procedures and supply hygiene products for its members.

-These are some of the regulations all GAA grounds and clubs must abide by as part of the Regulations. Every club and county team around the country in all sports has a specially appointed officer for this so for further information contact your local club for further details.

– GAA clubs and county grounds around the country can get all their first aid and hygiene products from Kellehers Shop First Aid in Cork with great staff and advice to suit your needs. Let’s get there together


For players returning to training, it is essential that you exercise safely so as to prevent injury. From what to eat and not to eat to when to eat. Proper preparation is essential for matches and training. Eating correctly ensures maximum performance and energy levels. Eating healthy is important. Treats and takeaways are very nice but very little or no nutritional value. Treats and takeaways are allowed but only now and again. It is essential to have a good breakfast in the morning and a healthy lunch and a good dinner in the evening. However, do not have a big meal close to the time for training as you will not have it digested on time so something light like a sandwich or fruit. Also before going training, it is essential to keep weĺl hydrated before, during and after training and the same on match days. Bring your own water to training this is for hygiene reasons. A key part of injury prevention is stretching and warm-ups and after training and matches is a warm down. Training and getting exercise is important but overdoing training or exercise is a big cause of injury due to fatigue which leaves players vulnerable to injury. Warm-ups and stretches are essential for circulation and helping the joints and movement ahead of matches and training



At training, and games it is essential players, Coaches and backroom staff are safe. Social Distancing of 2 kilometres or if 1 meter then face masks and gloves.


Thanks for taking the time to read this blog. I hope you enjoyed reading it and found it informative. My next blog is on the way soon so stay tuned.

Aidan Raftery is the Principal of AR Sports Injuries Clinic and offers Treatment for sports injuries as well as professional sports massage. If laid up or travel is difficult Aidan is available to travel for any client in Dublin-The Midlands or NorthWest. Also available to cover matches or training as an on the spot sports therapist

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My Qualifications

My Qualifications

Sports Injuries – My Qualifications


The story of my journey to Qualify as a Sports Therapist, as well as my journey as a Sports Therapist, is, from my point of view a very long and interesting one. The places it has taken me, the coaches I have worked with, the players I worked with, the supporters as well as the people that my whole career revolves around.  The players I have met and treated but not only that, I have to mention the clients and patients I have treated since I qualified. In this blog.


It all began when I was working in England where I was working for Royal & Sun Alliance in the Underwriting department. A job I loved as I was in  Customer Service and I loved dealing with people’s queries and solving their problems regarding their car insurance and renewal and any aspect of their policies. At this stage, I was still in my playing days when I moved to England and I played county Junior football for the Gloucestershire county Junior Footballers. We played London in the 1st round of the British Junior Championship and lost so we went into the losers group and we came won the losers group to get back to in the Championship proper again. In the All Britain Semi-final where we played London which was a tough game but after extra time we came out victorious. This meant we played Warwickshire in the All Britain Final. We won the game to become All Britain Champions. As a reward for being All Britain Champions, we got to play Dublin in the All Ireland Semi-Final. There was great positivity among us to host Dublin in the All Ireland Junior Football Semi-Final. We couldn’t wait for the game we got our gear for the game and looked at the match programme and I saw my name on the programme. A treasured keepsake. We lost that day but to be a player involved in an all Ireland Semi-Final against such a great team like Dublin was an amazing experience. We met the Dublin players afterwards, really sound guys. A good few of those Dublin players playing that day were called up to the Dublin senior football panel after that.
I also played rugby for Frampton Cotterell RFC 3rd team a great club. Not only a club but a family with fantastic people in the club. After a period as a player at the club, I had to stop playing due to work reasons. Over a year later a friend of mine, who played for the 2nd team brought me to a game. I asked the manager if there was anything they wanted help with so they said could I do waterboy? I said yes no bother. I enjoyed the game, doing waterboy and the players and manager were sound. They asked me if I wanted to stay involved and I said yes. I said did they have anyone to treat injuries they said no I said oh right. I told them that I did a First Aid for sports injuries course several years ago. The manager asked me if I would be interested in doing First Aid for the 2nd team. I said I would love to but my cert was out of date and if anything happened I wouldn’t be covered either would the club. He said don’t worry about that, I am going to speak to the committee, leave it with me I will get back to you. He did and he said he spoke to the committee and they said you and the first team physio Adam Page look up sports injuries courses, list 3 of the courses and bring the list to me I will discuss it with the committee and they will Pauly for the course. I did that and handed it to the manager and he discussed it with them and they chose Sports Injury’s treatment course. The club was very good to me and very supportive of me doing the course. The arranged an internship with the club where, as part of my training of the course  I would be with the 2nd team for 3 games every month and 1 game shadowing the 1st team Physio Adam Page. I was delighted and thought of the opportunities that this could open for me when qualified. My first priority was doing the study and practical work needed to qualify.

Medial Knee Pain/Sprain

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Mental Health in Sport in Ireland

Mental Health in Sport in Ireland - Challenges  Mental Health in Sport in Ireland maybe a topic that has not got the consideration it deserves in the context of mental health awareness here in Ireland. Awareness about Mental Health is increasingly important in modern...

Recently dealing with a players Hip Flexor Injury

Well, it is great to be back, once again with Manor United 1s team as their 1st team Sports Therapist. We were at home to Skyvalley Rovers B in Strokestown. We went behind 0v1 early in the game but the lads kept the head, didn't panic and created chance after chance....

Tips for Gym Fitness and Training in Ireland

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Shoulder- Serratus Anterior Pain

Shoulder Pain- SERRATUS ANTERIOR PAIN Because the serratus anterior is largely hidden from view underneath the shoulder blade, it is remarkably easy for both patients and clinicians to forget about this vital muscle. It originates from the underside of the shoulder...

Plantar Heel Pain (PHP)

Plantar Heel Pain - PLANTAAR FASCITIIS - More Common Than You Would Expect Plantar Heel Pain or Plantaar Fascitis is a more common injury in sport than people think. It can be caused by the different surfaces that players and athletes train or play on like indoor or...



This course was under the Auspices of the RFU and was recognised and certified by:
– Rugby Football Football
– RFU Injured Players Association
– UCLAN Business Services Ltd
This was a 6 month course consisting of work experience which I did with Frampton Cotterell RFC. The course covered 
STA and NaRS 
– Evidence of Competence 
– STA Awarding Body Policies
– Unit 1&2 specification
– Legal Background
– First Aid (General)
– Basic Life Support
– Rugby Related Injuries
– General First Aid Topics 
– Injury Event Report Form Form 
– Personal Details & Training Record
– Useful Information

At the end of the course, I had to do written and a practical day course and practical exams, which I will mention later. As you can see the course was extensive but I really enjoyed the course and working at the club for games. I worked with Adam at training twice a week. We worked well as a medical team. On Saturday the 1st team games and 2nd team games were more or less at the same time but on Sundays, we would meet up at the club and he would tell me the injuries he treated at first-team games and what treatment was given to the player and I would do the same and we would discuss the injuries it was interesting learning from the book and all that but it’s the practical hands-on experience that is key. The way the course was I had to pass the theory exams to be able to go on and do the practical summary and exams. I passed the theory with flying colours and a few days later I got the date time and venue for the practicals assessment exam.  To my amazement and excitement, the practicals assessment exam was to be held at bath Rugby Clubs Stadium The Reck. We covered a lot of extra scenarios I met a lot of coaches and players and physios from Bath Rugby Club. With that, I passed the course. With that, I completed the course. I informed the club and gave the cert to the club.  Myself and Adam were the clubs, medical team. I was with the club for 2 seasons and moved back home to Ireland. After I passed the course I thought about it and I decided, Treating Sports Injuries is what I wanted to do as an career so I looked into other courses.


Below are some of the modules in the course
– Understanding Sports Therapy
– Anatomy & Physiology
– Sports Psychology
– Coaching and Performance Dynamics & Strength & Conditioning
– Sports Nutrition
– All Aspects of Sports Injuries & Rehabilitation

So the course I chose was Sports Therapy. While I was doing the course I was with clubs Roscommon Gaels u15s and minor hurlers as well as Manor Utd.
When I qualified with all distinctions a few months after that I started my Sports Injuries Clinic by appointment AR Sports Therapy Clinic. My main focus is on working with clubs and teams. Available to clubs for matches and training sessions or just training or just matches. For one game or a season. Something for all budgets. I also do Sports Therapy at charity events as well. The charity events I have done include:
– Cycle4causes
– My Canine Companion
– Inner City Helping the Homeless
– Irish Autism Action
– Coombe Hospital (neonatal unit)
– Join Our Boys 50km Cycle
– I am a volunteer with the Special Olympics
– Help Emma Beat It
– Child Aid Cycle

I was Team Sports First Therapist for Elizabethtown College FC from America. They were in Ireland for pre-season friendlies v UCD and Cabinteely. The organiser is in public relations and Elizabethtown didn’t bring their Physio so he found me on LinkedIn and asked me would I Do Sports Therapy for the team and I said yes and told him how much I charge for the 2 games. We agreed on the price. 1st game was V UCD in the UCD Bowl it ended level. The next game was V Cabinteely in Stradbroke, Cabinteely won. I enjoyed working with the team. Several months later I joined Ballaghadereen FC as 1st Team Sports therapist and Roscommon & District League Oscar Traynor Cup Team for a season.


“Aidan works with us on the Irish Diabetic Football team. I had a knee issue recently and Aidan was excellent in diagnosing the problem and providing the right treatment. .”

“I injured my knee mid year 2013. I've been to three different physical therapists, with AR Sports Therapy Clinic being the third. I have received the best care by far from this facility. My range of motion has increased and the pain has decreased. The therapists really know what to do and how to get you back on your feet (literally). Of course you must continue the recommended exercises on your own time, which helps during and after therapy. I recommend this facility.”

"Very knowledgeable and supportive!"

"I'm a total exercise novice, Aiden gave me some really practical and realistic tips. I've tried so many times over the years to adopt a fitness routine, but it's never really worked as no matter what I tried I always felt out of my depth and ended up quitting. His supportive treatment and advice have really encouraged me and I'm now finding my stride. highly recommended."

Sam Ferguson


It was a weekend course on taping techniques for various injuries. Kinesiology tape gives support, assists in recovery, pain relief and improved circulation


A 3 day course on all aspects of customer Service. Certified by QQI Awards
As per a previous Blog


I mentioned I was a member of the Roscommon Civil Defence and the level and quality of training are very high. All qualifications are certified by PHECC (Pre Hospital Emergency Care Council). To date my qualifications are as Follows:

Occupational First Aid

-.Cardiac First Response Level 5

– Field Search Skills
– Manual Handling
– First Aid Responder
– Radio Communications U.H.F Net Operator
– Emergency First Response (currently study)


I went to the Sports Surgery Clinic Sports Medicine Conference in 2013 which was held at the Sports Surgery Clinic in Santry. The conference also covered Orthopaedics, Sports Injury, Sports Medicine and Specialist Services.


The course Certified by the FAI and Sport Ireland. The course also includes Garda Vetting.



Certified by the FAI

I was team Sports Therapist for the Midlands Schoolboys League. I was with them for the 5 weeks leaving up to the Kennedy Cup as well as the Kennedy Cup itself which took place over a week in June. The Tournament took place in Limerick University we won the Kennedy Cup Bowl




I am a member of The Irish Massage Therapists Association and FICTA

Other teams I worked with are Boyle Celtic. We got to the FAI Junior Cup Semi Final where we were Defeated by Evergreen FC from Kilkenny. The game was in the Showgrounds,home of Sligo Rovers.

I was Team Sports Therapist for Athlone side St Peters FC we won The League, the Cup and the League Cup

I was Team Sports Therapist for the Ireland Senior 6 aside football squad. We went to Kiev to represent Ireland in the European Minifootball Championships.

For 2 seasons I have been 1st team Sports Therapist for Manor Utd FC.
1 season with the Ireland Diabetic Futsal Squad. We travelled to Kiev for the European DiaEuro Futsal Championships. We finished 7th out of 9 teams. It was the first Ireland team to play in the tourney

I was Team Sports Therapist for the Bohemiens girls u17s we were Runners up in the U17 WOMENS National league Shield Final. I am still at the club.


Aidan Raftery is the Principal of AR Sports Injuries Clinic and offers Treatment for sports injuries as well as professional sports massage. If laid up or travel is difficult Aidan is available to travel for any client in Dublin-The Midlands or NorthWest. Also available to cover matches or training as an on the spot sports therapist

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