Sports Injury Treatments


Tennis Elbow


Shoulder Pain

Sports Injuries


A Must For All Athletes

Sports Injury Massage Therapy

Benefits of Sports Injury Massage Therapy

Massage is a key part of recovery from Muscle Injuries as well as before and after matches and training.

I also have a tens machine which I use for injuries. Soothes aches and pain and helps in the healing process and helps with circulation for more information just ask

Sports Fitness
For Either Individuals or Teams I Can Devise Fitness Plans For Optimum Fitness Levels.
Sports Nutrition
I Can Advise on what to eat - what to eat on match days and training as well as - foods not to eat or food only to have as a treat.
Injury Prevention
I offer injury prevention advice for individual athletes and players as well as for sports clubs and teams in all sports.

Sports Injury Therapist (Sports Therapy)

This is varied from strapping to treatment and rehab of a wide range of injuries, Injury Treatments 

Exercise prescription as well as recovery all this and more. Just ask for further information

There Can Be Benefits in Using a Tens Machine

I  often use a Neurotech MediTens XP Tens Machine which works by gently stimulating your sensory nerves, to suppress or block the pain signal to the brain.

This gives immediate pain relief, allowing you to feel the ‘tingling’ sensation from the MediTens XP rather than the pain.

MediTens XP encourages the release of endorphins, the body’s natural painkillers, through a comfortable tapping sensation.

Injuries & Strains Happen

Whatever Your Sport Is

I Can Help To Bring You Back To Full Fitness !.


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