Well, it is great to be back, once again with Manor United 1s team as their 1st team Sports Therapist. We were at home to Skyvalley Rovers B in Strokestown. We went behind 0v1 early in the game but the lads kept the head, didn’t panic and created chance after chance. Skyvalley had their purple patch and from that, scored the 1st goal of the game. But as the game went on, manor put Skyvalley under real pressure with chances after chance after chance and the persistence paid off as Tom ward (the clubs top scorer and the divisions top scorer on 15 goals) picked up the ball and he went up the wing and let in a brilliant Crosse which was met by a header for the equaliser for Manor United. But Manor wasn’t happy with that, they kept going and going then in the 2nd half, we took the lead with an unbelievable free king by Dylan Carbon after that Manor continued the relentless pursuit for goals and it paid off as we got a penalty which was well dispatched. 3v1. But it didn’t end there as one of our players had a slight ankle injury which I treated and the player was able to play on. Then one of their players got a sight head injury and after I assessed the player and thankfully he was able to continue. Then in the last 15 minutes, a Skyvalley rovers player went up for a ball and he landed badly and was on the ground. The manager called me on. hip-flexor-injury I asked the player what happened and he told me what happened. I did various tests and he had a hip injury. I continued the assessment. His hip was in a lot of pain and I did some movements with the hip and ilhe. The player could not stand, could not sit up if I raised his leg or lowered his leg he was in pain or bent his leg. His teammates were worried about him and were asking me questions so did not move Hil or anything. I let him rest a few minutes I asked him questions and from the answers, he gave me as well as the signed and symptoms, it turned out to be a badly damaged ship flexor injury. I got a few people to help me bring him into the dressing room. I went through everything with him and I gave him advice on what to do to rest etc but first and foremost due to the extent of the injury I told his manager that the player had to go to a hospital for further assessment. The manager thanked me. I said I hope you don’t think I was cutting across you but I was called on to assess and treat him so I take over. He said that’s ok he said I don’t mind at all as I knew from looking at you and the way you were working that you knew what you were doing and I knew you knew an awful lot more than what I did so I happy to let you take over. The manager had him sent to the hospital. He will be out for quite a number of weeks. To find out more about hip flexor injuries and or if you have any questions or if you want to make an appointment or if you have an injury you want me to cover in a blog then you can contact me