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Welcome, my name is Aidan Raftery and as a sports therapist, I Understand the concerns of an injured athlete and will get you back up and running to full fitness through a series of targets and goals and treatments!

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Sports Injury Treatment & Rehabilitation

It’s a fact of life that competitive sports carry the risk of injury.

Sports Injuries Happen!.

I am available to attend sporting events such as Football, Hurling and or Rugby matches to support and treat team members with any injury that might occur.

Sports Massage

Sports Massage is very beneficial for all muscle injuries in sport for players and athletes in all sports pre and post-match/competition before or after training beneficial throughout rehab from injuries.

I Understand Players & Athletes

Empathy & Understanding

I understand athletes and their mindset. I have a great understanding of how the athlete feels when he or she comes to me for treatment.

I provide a natural and realistic approach to healthcare and sports injuries, where I investigate the cause of the injury problem as well as treat the symptoms, and offer advice going forward.

Treating Injuries

Services I Offer









What Some Clients Have To Say!

"I'm a total exercise novice, Aiden gave me some really practical and realistic tips. I've tried so many times over the years to adopt a fitness routine, but it's never really worked as no matter what I tried I always felt out of my depth and ended up quitting. His supportive treatment and advice have really encouraged me and I'm now finding my stride. highly recommended."

Sam Ferguson

“I injured my knee mid year 2013. I've been to three different physical therapists, with AR Sports Therapy Clinic being the third. I have received the best care by far from this facility. My range of motion has increased and the pain has decreased. The therapists really know what to do and how to get you back on your feet (literally). Of course you must continue the recommended exercises on your own time, which helps during and after therapy. I recommend this facility.”

Kelly Mc Manus

"I ran the Dublin City marathon this year and i came to Aidan for a bit of physio on my case and my hamstrings and I recommend him highly."

Tommy Ward

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"Very knowledgeable and supportive!"

Damien Devine

“Went in creased, came out Perfect!!!! Great treatment , Aidan leaves no stone unturned in fixing the problem. Definitely recommend AR to anybody suffering in pain ..”

Ian Stacey

“Brilliant service. Excellent value. You will not meet a nicer, more obliging man than Aidan Raftery. Highly recommended for all sports therapy, or even just a relaxing massage."

Kenny Tynan

I had an ongoing foot problem which was continuous for numerous weeks I then got in contact with Aiden Rafferty our 1st Team Sports Therapist and he scheduled me in for an appointment. I attended the appointment with him where I showed him my ongoing problem, straight away he got 2 work and he massaged my foot and then he strapped it for 7 days and recommended no running or any kind of sports for that duration of time. At first I didn't see the clear image as I like to go for a run. However, as a good Sports Therapist does, he was absolutely right in the way he went about things. I rested it for the 7 days as he explained in clear detail and then when in 7 days I was up and was able to go back running more freely and without pain as I previously was the week before hand so if I ever had any injuries again in the future I would most differently be recommending Aiden Rafferty

Tom Ward 1st Team player Manir/Ballinagare FC

Ready To Help- Teams-Clubs-Players & Athletes


If you have an injury and you can’t come to my clinic then you can book a home visit where I can visit you. Please inform me when you contact me on 0894304496 or email I also can asses via video call on Zoom and other platforms just let me know which suits best


Another service I provide is I provide cover to clubs if your regular Physio or First Aider or Sports Therapist is not available at competitive rates.

As well as cover at training sessions.


I am willing to travel to clubs who want to book me for tournaments matches training sessions as once-off or the full season.
Contact me to discuss further

Injuries & Strains Happen

Whatever Your Sport Is

I Can Help To Bring You Back To Full Fitness !.


Can You Travel To Do Treatments?

Yes…particularly when working with GAA and Soccer Teams who need to have a sports therapist on hand for treatments.

What if I need X Rays?

Aidan Raftery, Sports Therapist, AR Sports Therapy Clinic is recognised by Alliance Medical in Mullingar, Tullamore & Ballinasloe. this means that any clients Aidan needs to refer for an XRay or any Scans can get an appointment within 24 hours. ask for further details and benefits.

Are Treatments Sore?

Some treatments can leave you feeling sore for a day or two but this is entirely normal.

What To Do After a Treatment?

You should avoid vigorous exercise for a day or so and rest the affected area. Try to get back then into some gentle exercise.


Any Questions?

Just Message Me or Call

Can We Hire You For Matches & Competitions?

I am available to attend sporting events such as Football, Hurling and or Rugby matches to support and treat team members with any injury that occurs.

What are Your Rates or Charges?

Therapy Work €40 P/H (€20 for students)*

.  Kinesiology Taping Service €25

.  Advice Sessions, Groups and/or Clubs €55 P/H

.   Advice Sessions, Individuals €25

.  Emergency appts €50 available by telephone, 2hrs  notice reqd. 

* (Student card required at first appt)

Do You Offer Coaching on Injury Prevention?

I offer injury prevention and advice sessions for individual athletes and players as well as for sports clubs and teams in all sports.

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