Sports Injuries Sometimes Need Scans?

Sports Injuries Sometimes Need Scans because some injuries that actually need expert intervention are not always obvious.

Obviously, as a sports therapist when I am present at match days and practice sessions occasionally an injury will occur that is more serious than the normal ones.

A broken leg for example and the need for someone on the spot- who knows the ropes becomes mighty important.

Over the years I have referred a number of patients to Alliance Medical for Scans.

Because I know that from the results of scans, they will indicate if the client/sportsperson needs to be seen by a consultant or surgeon or not.

When a client comes to me my concern always is to give my best to the client and when necessary use other specialist areas of medicine for the clients benefit to ensure they get the best possible treatment to ensure recovery.

Sports Injuries Sometimes Need Scans? 2 cases of mine by way of example

When thinking now about when seeking scans becomes important I think of 2 cases:

As mentioned above, 1 is a goalkeeper that had a knee problem a few years ago while playing matches and afterwards it would be painful and after a few days, with rest, the pain would go away but it got to the stage where the patient’s knee would be painful after most games but he never got it checked out as he would rest it and the pain would go away. Eventually, the pain went away for a while then I got involved as team sports Therapist with another team he was involved in and he didn’t mention anything about the knee until a few months before we were travelling for a tournament and he came to me during a training session and he told me the full story regarding the knee and the history of it. I referred him for a scan in a Dublin branch of alliance medical. I got him to fill out my patient history form and I sent it into Alliance medical. From that, they contacted him and arranged an appointment within 24 hours he was seen. From the scan, it showed he had Pateĺla Displacia in the right knee. They said the would refer him to a surgical consultant. He was delighted that he was able to find out what the problem was. He got his disc with the scan on it and he was sorted.

The second case. a recent case-patient with a back injury the patient said that there was a pain on the left side of his back from the bottom to the top of his back and across the lumbar of his back. However, ongoing back to past injuries he said he has been having ongoing issues with his for a few years. With this in mind and with the potential for injury to his back having damage I referred him for a scan to get to the bottom of the problem. When its done then we can review his situation and take it from there.



As part of my service, I can refer patients for scans and x-rays with Alliance Medical within 24 to 48 hours. The patient will get a disc and myself and the GP get a written report.

ALLIANCE MEDICAL does not accept the medical card but if the patient has health insurance or player insurance or can pay in cash then they are a huge help.