Tips for Gym Fitness and Training in Ireland from a Sports Therapists viewpoint

My thoughts  on Tips for Gym Fitness and Training in Ireland from a sports physio angle because I treat players and athletes from a wide range of sports at all levels and I also work with teams.

The use of a Gym is commonplace in many sports as part of the training.

Most athletes have a good balance when it comes to physical training and physical fitness.

Gym Related Injuries in Ireland:

I have had good athletes coming to me with injuries that are gym related.

I treat the injury and symptoms of the injury but to give advice and to give the player or athlete the best service as part of their rehab and or recovery I as a lot of questions so as to get a full picture not just of the injury but the cause and as a way of getting to know the player and athlete not just as a player and athlete but also as a person this puts them at ease and they also open up more when you ask questions.

They tell me about the injury the symptoms then how it happened and where.

Many athletes mention the gym as the injury source.

I ask them how often they go to the gym. They say every day for 6 or 7 days. That tells a lot because that is often the cause.

Players and athletes need to train but they also need recovery and rest.

7 days a week in a gym is excessive as training every single day is hard on the body and mind.

Dehydration and fatigue leave an athlete and player vulnerable to injury.

Tips for Gym Fitness and Training in Ireland- a Schedule

I  often suggest this schedule:

  • every 2nd day in the gym
  • so maybe a gym session on a Monday.
  • On a Tuesday the either rest or go for a walk or go for a light jog or a swim (that’s rest or recovery or part of)
  • Wednesday gym session
  • Thursday rest or the other above suggestions.
  • Friday gym session…….

That way the player or athlete is getting their gym sessions and their physical fitness is improving or they are maintaining their physical fitness, they are getting their rest and recovery which means they are less likely to get injuries.

  • Warm-up and warm-down is essential
  • Keeping hydrated before during and after sessions is essential.

Physical fitness is essential when playing sport at all levels.

Strength and conditioning and endurance training is important this ensure the player will be able for the demands of any sport that they will be able to last the full game

With many indoor sports like futsal- indoor soccer being so fast and intense, this is essential.

Warm-up and warm-down and stretches are important before during and after training AND matches and also so is keeping hydrated.

Gym Training Fitness Powdered Drinks and Supplements:

Personally, I am against these powdered drinks and supplements etc you see online that are available ‘over the counter’ in shops and on the internet.

When you get them online you don’t know what you are buying until they arrive, and they only deliver short term benefit.

My advice is before you get any supplements or powdered drinks, go to go first and ask his advice and see if he would recommend this that or the other over the counter products (you see gyms and sports shops advertising and selling them).

There is nothing you get in them that you don’t get in normal everyday food that you eat.

Get medical advice go to a dietician or your GP and discuss it with them you may not think it but what you eat or consume plays a huge part in your physical fitness and believe it or not what you eat when you eat the right food can give you the natural energy you need

Those gym supplements only have short term results or benefit you speed wise of short distances and may have unforetold side effects

that’s why I recommend getting medical advice big you eat and train right as a player then physical is easy to attain and maintain.

I hope you have found my contribution to be useful.

Any questions feel free to ask.

Many athletes in the heat of the moment during training can overdo things. If you are based in Roscommon or the North-West one of my treatments might be of big help to you.

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