This weeks injury that I am covering is a shoulder sprain injury and a case study involving Gerry a good friend of mine.

A shoulder sprain usually occurs as a result of a bad or awkward fall or a hard shoulder to shoulder.

A shoulder sprain is common in Rugby, Gaelic Football and Hurling.

The result of the aforementioned is where the ligaments become overstretched or either partially or fully torn. Ligaments attach bone to bone and is a strong elastic tissue and are found at joint such as the shoulder and knees to name 2 joints.

I have been mates with Gerry since my days as 1st team Sports Therapist with Ballaghadereen FC and then with the Ireland Senior 6aside Football squad where Gerry was 2nd choice Goalkeeper seeing him represent Ireland I was delighted to see him achieve any players ultimate dream… represent their country. he went on to play for Roscommon & District League Premier Division side Castlerea Celtic. Before signing for Manor Utd 1st team this season. I am the 1st team Sports Therapist for the team. I was delighted to see him sign firman as it means the boys are back in town. He made is league debut for the. Club in our 1st Division 1 league game V Ballinasloe Town B. It was a great start to the season as we won the game. We will have great strikeforce as he is upfront with his brother Tom Ward who was our top goalscorer last season. Gerry is an excellent goalkeeper but he is also a great man for scoring goals.

However, in the course of the game, he suffered a shoulder sprain.



shoulder sprain injury


On Examining Gerry, asking questions and doing tests on the arm it was clear it was a shoulder Sprain but due to the impact to the shoulder in the fall I wanted to rule in or out further damage to the shoulder I sent him to A&E and they x-rayed the shoulder and that confirmed my Diagnosis as being a shoulder sprain.

I recommended to Gerry to rest the arm for 7 to 14 days, no heavy lifting, compression, take pain relief and not to put pressure on the shoulder for that initial rest period.

Due to Covid 19, all the clubs’ fixtures were suspended until further notice so this means that Gerry Did not have to worry about missing matches due to the injury so this means he can fully focus on recovery. When he had rested for the 7 to 14 days

I then prescribed an exercise plan for the shoulder depending on the extent of the damage to the shoulder, it can take anything up to 8 weeks to recover from a shoulder sprain but if there is more damage is done it could be longer.

The next injury up from that is a dislocated shoulder but that is another injury that will be covered in a future blog post.


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